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Multi Strategy Investment (MSI) is a trading division of Cadogan Asset Management Limited  that provides a Managed Account service in the Derivatives arena to HNW, Professional and Elective Professional investors and apply a multi-strategy trading system which aims to maximise profits for investors in both the bull and the bear markets, whilst looking to minimise the deviation on its equity curve.

With our managed  account service, investors can benefit from the expertise of our team’s vast experience and knowledge of  trading  in the Forex, Equity Indices and Commodities arena. The bespoke managed portfolios are based on investors’ chosen risk and volatility parameters.

Our service aims to yield an absolute alpha for our clientele. We don't have a bench-mark to compare against, as our returns are based on specific assets like the  FX market. Our investment strategies are based on a combination of trend, counter trend & momentum based trading, designed to provide us with the maximum possibility of targeting a steady return  in  any market  climate, whilst keeping the volatility curve low and smooth.

The Multi Strategy Trading Team

Our Professionals

More than 15 years of experience each in the financial arena across our traders, support team, board directors and trading strategy designers, and in total well over a century of experience.

The MSI team at Cadogan implements the trading methodology which has evolved and flourished throughout a period where the market dynamics and driving forces have changed dramatically. It is for these reasons that the MSI team fully believes in building a methodology which combines multiple strategies and multiple market exposure.

Although the holy grail of trading strategies is almost impossible to find, we fully believe that we are in possession of a strategy that is as robust as is available and can cater for any market climate.

The Multi Strategy Investment Division

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