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The Multi Strategy Investment division at  Cadogan Asset Management provides an investment management service  to HNW & UHNW individuals, as  well as family offices, pension funds and other institutions building bespoke portfolios with multi strategy / multi market exposure. The markets we  predominantly  focus on are  the FX arena  but we also build a derivatives portfolio for our clientele consisting of worldwide equity indices, the oil market and precious metals.


Foreign Exchange

The Forex Market is both the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world. Forex, also abbreviated to FX, sees one currency traded against another based on an exchange price with traders needing to judge whether the currency will rise or fall compared to the other. Making a successful prediction can see you enjoy significant profits. However, failing to make the judgement correctly can lead to losses.



The idea of investing in Commodities such as Precious Metals, is that they have an intrinsic value and cannot be inflated. They offer upheaval insurance against financial and political problems. They are often seen as a good support for a portfolio of other assets like bonds and stocks because they will generally reduce both risk and volatility.


Equity Indices

The Equity Markets, also known as the Stock Markets, are widely considered to be one of the best long-term investments available in the marketplace due to the fact that equities consistently outperform other investments such as property, corporate and government bonds.

The Markets We Trade

The Multi Strategy Investment division at Cadogan build portfolios in many different individual markets, therefore providing a ‘multi market’ exposure and ensuring our portfolios are diversified and robust. Our portfolios consist of exposure in the FX arena, Worldwide Equities Indices, Precious Metals and the Commodity markets.

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